Know us well!


XIROI, what does it  means?

Xiroi is an adjective that refears to an amusing, cheerful and funny nature.
That is what we pretend here in Xiroi Ca La Nuri.
We want to be your place, where you can enjoy and HAVE FUN throughout all day with a relaxed and fresh gastronomic offer, good cocktails and good music.


What do we OFFER?

Choose wherever you want. That´s why our gastronomic offer includes tapas, small portions and different kinds of paellas so you can customize your meal. You will find fork and knive dishes, finger food, one-bite portions and portions made to share.


Keep up with US!

Lots of things happens in our restaurant everyday!. Apart of the food, we have create
a modern selection of cocktails with and without alcohol. We want you to make a toast with us and to relax watching the sea, or maybe dance with our live music. We don´t stop, follow us on Instagram and Facebook to discover all what we do!